Reswic AG is offering wide portfolio of raw materials for the chemical industry from the leading European and Asian producers.


In the modern highly competitive market all chemical companies have to use both classic and modern raw materials and technology.

Following this trend and in order to ensure their market position, most of the raw material manufactures have to develop the new products with advanced properties, in order to provide the best price/quality ratio for their customers.

Reswic AG always offers to the market the latest developments from its suppliers. We are always ready to support our customer with all necessary product information and samples.


We are specializing in supplying of technology and raw materials for following industries


- Cosmetics and household

- Disinfectants

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Food industry

- Plastic processing

- Oleo-Chemicals


Our company is constantly increasing the portfolio and quality of service, especially in the fast growing markets of Russia and Eastern Europe.


Reswic AG always welcomes you to start mutual cooperation.